Why do you have to purchase exactly in Kivertsy wood working enterprise??

Parquet manufacture

Price and quality relations

We thoroughly keep an eye on the parquet market and parquet services. We think that only if the work technique needs great expenses, the consumer doesnt have to overpay for the producers problems.

The price is fixed by the market, but we make them less for the customer. The nonwaste technology and the product classification according to sorts and prices help us to do that, moreover the quality of the products is stable high. Our prices are optimal, and in relation price/quality they are the best.

If you have large financial opportunities, you have already chosen one of the famous brand leaders (Parquet Hall,); they can guarantee a wide choice of the parquet. However, the advertising is too costly thing, and our native manufacturers cant afford it. To peg the market, the famous trade marks spend money not to secure the quality of their production, but to advance their name; the bills are compared with the budget of the whole manufacture. As the result, the price of the good floor of well-known enterprises will be higher, and the reliability and quality doesnt rise above the enterprises of the first division to which we refer to.

Besides, if you want to buy the parquet cheaper, you can do it at the plant. To do this, you have to choose the small-sized parquet with the small twigs. Today in Europe, the goods are practically not produced without twigs, it is even unbeautiful, and in some way it is even rude as to the wood. They are sick of artificial similar colors like the expensive sort of parquet. We think that it is a bad manner, unattractive drawing and even a cheap variant. Well — known designers create the most beautiful parquet pictures with the bright colors and living twigs, these sorts of wood are like our Country.

So, you have choice, follow the reductions!

Refuse the artificial materials in favor of the parquet

We persistently advise you to estimate your accounts, for you to buy a good parquet floor. Without some money it is very hard to figure on the cloudless future. The people usually take care of the floor at the end of repair, when they lack for money.The people have to choose the cheapest variant linoleum or laminated plastic. Does it worth of starting this repair?

Have you ever stepped on the wood floors in the village or walked on the grass?

The same feeling you and your family can get every day at home, if you lay a real parquet floor.

Today not only oligarchs can have the parquet floors; it is not a sign of palace luxury.

We are trying to do the cheap that which you need. It is not cheap today, but it is quite accessible.

Our traditions are in the forest sources.

The tree has soaked in all the nature charm and this charm must be by no means introduced in the house.