Block parquet

Block parquet
With ease unites in beauty and longevity, warmth and strength, art and luxury, and in accessibility, which is a very important factor nowadays. The perfect quality characteristic features gave it an honored popularity.

Deal board

Deal board
Deal board of foliferous wood is used for the avoidance of the tar. Alder-tree and some other foliferous trees give the best fit for battening the walls of sauna, as they have smaller thickness.


Batten, as a floor covering, exists quite long. Since antiquity, floors were covered with batten of natural wood. Today batten is again a popular kind of floor coverings. It is laid in elite houses, flats, cafes and restaurants.

Artistic parquet

Artistic shield parquet
One of no small importance fact — a combination of different sorts of wood, included the exotic, and the formation of the sophisticated inlaid and fancy drawings from some types of based details lets put into practice the most intricate design ideas.


One of the favorite inner and outer decoration adorning — a rosacelocket is universal in its way, because it is used in the decorated floor composition, filling the background space.


One of the most interesting elements in the interior decoration of the artistic floor is borders. Its functional destination is varied; basically it is divided into the following categories: separating, scaled, accentuated, and corrective.

Parquet news

Parquet prices (currency — Euro)

Block parquet prices were renewed. There were added new prices.


Parquet prices in euro

Block parquet prices were renewed. There were added new sizes to the block parquet stock.


Parquet floor structure

There were renewed advice for parqueting, and added illustrations of floor structure.


Parquet in "Stadt Waren" hotel

There were added new project photos, where you could find Kivertsy DOK parquet, which was laid with the help of our specialists.


Parquet price

Prices artistic parquet, deal board, batten, borders and rosaces are indicated in the production catalogue. Block parquet prices can be downloaded from the page parquet price.

Buy parquet?

You have to buy parquet in Kivertsy wood processing enterprise, in the immediate producer, because:
  • Our parquet costs cheaper, than in shops and exhibition centers;
  • There is a wide range of products in stock — more than 5000 2 of parquet;
  • Real professionals work in Kivertsy wood processing enterprise with many years experience;
  • Our parquet is in great favor in Ukraine, former USSR countries and in Europe.

Parquet encyclopaedia

Parquet maintenance

If it happened that there appeared some shoes, heels, wine, chocolate, ink or even lipstick-spots — dont worry. To solve the problems connected with the dirtied parquet, you should use the detergents, gas, alcohol or cold water, depends upon the type of dirt.

Parquet materials

The main advantage of the parquet floor is the fact that the parquet is made of the natural wood ecologically clean and harmless material. If it is nicely embedded, it ensures the hygienic, heat stability, loss of noises, low sound conduction, longevity and high impact resistance. In present time we use batten, block parquet, shield parquet, laminated plastic and artistic parquet for the parquet floors.

Parquet classification

Parquet is classified according to the color, selection — radial, standard, natural, rustic, select; according to the type of sawing tangential, radial. Besides listed types of parquet classification, many producers and sellers of the parquet introduce their own types (additional) of the wooden floor.