Batten, as a floor covering, exists quite long. Since antiquity, floors were covered with batten of natural wood. With the advent of parquet and linoleum, people began to forget about natural batten. Not long ago, pine batten was used in the cheapest wood buildings: barracks, chalets and cottages, gymnasiums and summer tourist centers. Pine batten was often covered with parquet, linoleum or it was teared off at all.

Today batten is again a popular kind of floor coverings. It is laid in elite houses, flats, cafes and restaurants.

Why is it so good? Profiled and huge planks of natural wood are produced on the high-accuracy equipment, which is used for parquet manufacture. Quality and accuracy of processing is very high.

Our batten has groove and tongue from all sides, that allows to join it in a proper way. Batten width varies within 10-14 centimeters, length from 2 to 4 meters. We produce thicker batten — 36 mm, than western floor covering manufacturers — their standard is 22mm.

Batten samples

Pine batten
Pine batten
Size 2Ц4 m × 10Ц14 cm × 36 mm
Material pine
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Enlarge Pine batten