Stave for wine and cognac barrels

A given kind of good is intended for the manufacturing of the tight casks for wine and cognac products.

One of the most important stages in manufacturing the cognac and other sorts of wine is ripen. They think that it is a deciding factor for the drink to achieve the higher degree of quality. As to the cognac, the oak adds a golden — amber color to the drink, the smell of vanilla and nut. The cognac alcohol turns into divine drink only after the binning of the wine in barrels. These barrels have to be of high quality, made of special stuff and by a definite formula.

Special technologies and the high quality of given goods guarantee the achievement of the highest effect. The manufacturing method of the stave is difficult and time — consuming, the achievements of high quality goods, to a great extent, depends upon the raw materials.

As raw materials the oak peeler log is used for manufacturing the stave for the tight cask. Not every block of wood can serve as raw materials for manufacturing the given type of product. It depends upon the region, and the conditions of tree growing.