Sort of wood: Ash

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Block parquet: Ash
Pic. 1: Block parquet: Ash (41 kB)
Ash (ornus — latin name of plant). Hight of the tree is 10-20 metres and it is of oleaginous family — Oleaceae. Leaves are odd-pinnately-complicated, most of them have 7-9 ovate, oblong and spear-shaped leaves. Perianth is double and consists of bell and corona.

Ash is kernel sort of wood. A kernel is yellowish-brown, a sap-wood is yellowish-white, which gradually passes to the kernel. Heart-shaped rays are visible on a radial cut as short hyphens. Annual layers differentiate well.

Wood is durable and viscid, inclined to cracking, has very beautiful texture, stable against rotting and lasting. It warps very rare.

Ash-tree is thicker than oak, but at the same time it is flexible and good at bending.

Sap-wood is the most valuable thing at making the parquet, as it has the most beautiful texture and yellowish-white color, the output of such parquet is not very big.

It sprouts on mountains in South Europe and Western Asia. It is recommended as decorative plant of greenery in Transcaucasia, Crimea, in the south of Ukraine and in Central Asia. Industrial cultures are on the coast of Sicily and South Italy.