Sort of wood: Oak

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Block parquet: Oak
Pic. 1: Block parquet: Oak (47 kB)
Oak (quercus — latin name oak is originated from Greek kerkeen — rough; latin robur — oak wood; latin pedunculatus, trees from the beech family — Fagaceae with the hight up to 40 metres. Flowers are dioecious. A fruit is an acorn. It grows in the countries of Central and East Europe, in the middle and south part of CIS, in Crimea, on Caucasus in the deciduous and conifer-deciduous forests.

Leaves are regular, stalked, pinnately-blade.

It is a ring-vascular sort of wood. Kernel is fawn and dark-brown. A sap-wood is narrow and flaxen.

Mature wood has hazel and fawn tints.

Heart-shaped rays are wide, they are visible on all cuts. Annual layers are well visible on a cross-section.

Wood is hard, durable, lasting, possesses beautiful texture and color, stable to rotting. Oak is darkened in course of time.

In order to quicken the speed of drying, the wood is inclined to formation of cracks. It is a traditional sort of wood for the parquet making.